Services | Renting skates

City Park Ice Rink offers skates for rent at all times during regular opening hours from size 25 upward. Rental fee is HUF 2,500/ pair per visit.

Rental tickets may be purchased in one of the following two methods:

a) ONLINE: Visitors can purchase their rental tickets comfortably in advance from home at our website In this case, payment is completed online. Receiving the skates is simple: just show your rental ticket with the QR code – in a digital or printed format –at the skate rental counter.

b) ON-SITE: Notify our cashiers at the ticket booths when purchasing tickets to the City Park Ice Rink that you wish to rent skates. Payment is then completed at the cashier.

Apart from the rental ticket, you will be asked to deposit HUF 2,000/ pair at the rental counter, for which you will be given a deposit receipt.

Miscellaneous information:

Please try on the rental skates before you leave the rental room. If the size of your rented skates is not right, you will get a replacement at the rental counter free of charge.

Skates provided for renting are for amateur skating; appropriate use is the responsibility of the borrower.

Each guest is entitled to rent more than one pair of skates, with the provision that in such cases the deposit fees add up (e.g., HUF 6,000 in deposit for three pairs of skates).

Please return the skates to the rental facility before leaving the premises.

Do not take rental skates out of the premises of the City Park Ice Rink.

Your deposit will be repaid to you at the site upon returning the skates in mint condition.

Please consider possible queues at busy hours. The rental fee does not include the entry fee to the ice rink!

Rental agreement

By renting skates at the ice rink, the guest/visitor agrees to the following rental agreement.

Lender states that the intended use of the skates offered and maintained by Seller is for amateur use. Lender shall not be held liable for injuries and damages arising from non-intended use of the skates or from non-compliance with the rules of the ice rink. Borrower shall bear the costs of repairing any faults arising from non-intended use of the skates, and shall bear financial responsibility for the rented skates. Renting is subject to a deposit (HUF 2,000 / pair). Each guest may rent more than one pair of skates. In this case, Borrower shall bear the financial responsibility and pay the rental deposit for all rented skates.