City Park Ice Rink
                                                                                                      Terms of Use

1.    Aim of this policy: The aim is to determine the basic rules and behaviour of those staying in the territory of the City Park Ice Rink operated by the Budapest Sport Services Center Non-Profit Ltd (hereinafter called as Operator).

2.    Scope of the policy: Visitors of the City Park Ice Rink / its events and those renting premises of the institution automatically accept to comply with this policy and its security rules and understand the consequences of breaking this policy, upon which they will be obliged to leave the territory of the institution. (These rules are valid for those with valid entrance ticket, tenants and participants or organizers of events.)

3.    Purchase of entrance tickets:

3.1    Only those with valid entrance ticket or participants of the official ice skating program for schools shall use the skating rink during the official opening hours of the institution. All valid entrance tickets have QR code. In case of special events an armband with identification number shall be issued as entrance ticket.
3.2    Entrance tickets can only be purchased at the cashiers in the lobby area (near the main entrance) and online at website.
3.3    All entrance tickets are free from VAT. In case you would like to request an invoice, please inform the cashier before purchasing the ticket. Otherwise only a receipt will be given to all customers.
3.4    We do not accept complaints regarding the quality of the ice or ice rink and do not refund tickets after entering the institution as the City Park Ice Rink is an open-air ice rink therefore all visitors have the opportunity to inspect it before entering.
3.5    The entrance ticket includes the use of the ice rink, the cloak room and fitting rooms moreover includes accident insurance. On the other hand it does not include the skate rent or skate sharpening fees or the use of and consumption in restaurants.

4.    Rules for tenants: Those renting the premises of the City Park Ice Rink and those organizing/ visiting events in the institution shall only use the ice rink (for skating) if it is specifically outlined in their contract and their tickets have been already paid, or in case they purchase entrance tickets as per the general purchasing rules. Rental fees of the premises do not automatically include the entrance tickets.

5.    Opening hours in the winter season and prices: All information regarding actual opening hours, entrance fees and discounts can be found on the official website ( ) and on the notice boards.

6.    Entering to and leaving the area of the ice rink:

6.1    The ice rink shall be used for its intended purpose and by the permitted number of visitors only.
6.2    The ice rink shall be used only during the official opening hours. Visiting and using the ice rink outside these hours is subject to special agreement or is allowed under the special ice skating program for schools. All visitors must leave the ice rink 10 minutes before closing time, during the last musical track.
6.3    Only figure skating is permitted in the ice rink. Speed skating is allowed only during special speed skating trainings.
6.4    Visitors shall use the ice rink and its services at their own responsibility and risk. It is the exclusive responsibility of the visitors to assess their physical fitness before entering the institution.
6.5    It is strongly recommended to wear gloves, caps and helmet while skating.
6.6    During ice resurfacing the security colleagues may ask visitors to leave the ice rink as only the resurfacing machines are allowed to stay on the ice during this activity.

7.    Using the skates outside of the ice rink: outside of the ice surface, visitors shall only use the area covered by rubber brick while wearing skates (without using edge protector). Those, violating this rule shall have to be responsible for the damages of the skates.

8.    Entrance to operational areas: Unauthorized persons must not enter operational areas.

9.    Use of separated areas of the ice rink:

9.1    General public shall not use/ enter the separated areas of the ice rink.
9.2    The City Park Ice Rink reserves the right to organize private events up to the entire area of the institution.
9.3    Special tariff shall be determined upon organizing special event or training classes using a part - or the entire area (12 000 m2 total) of the skating rink.

10.    Use of cloak room and lockers:

10.1    Visitors with valid entrance ticket shall use the cloakroom and lockers free of charge. Upon purchasing entrance ticket, a special card shall be requested which opens and closes one specific locker. These cards shall only be used during one visit.
10.2    The Operator shall take liability only for normal clothes of daily use and low-value objects left in the lockers. The liability shall not apply to valuables and documents left in clothes or bags in lockers or in the cloak room. Kindly make sure to lock your locker because the Operator shall not take responsibility for lost objects from open lockers. In case of losing the card, the duty manager is authorized to open the locker with a master card, but only after closing time and after issuing a report. In the event of any claim, the claimant shall prove the damage or loss and its extent.
10.3    Packages or clothes from the cloakroom shall only be returned in exchange for the respective receipt. If the receipt is lost and the owner cannot be identified without doubt, the items shall only be released after closing time. In this case a report shall be issued about the loss of the receipt. The Operator shall not be held liable for the damages/ losses resulting from losing the cloakroom receipt.
10.4    Before leaving, all visitors shall leave their lockers empty and in a clean condition.

11.    Skate rent
11.1    During opening hours of the City Park Ice Rink it is possible to rent skates from European size 26 to size 53. Rental fee is 1500 HUF / pair of skates.
11.2    Rental tickets shall be purchased in 2 ways:
11.2.1    ONLINE: By visiting website you shall buy your rental ticket prior to visiting the ice rink. In this case the rental ticket shall be paid online as well. Visitors shall receive the skates by bringing and showing the rental ticket with its QR code either in digital or printed form.
11.2.2    At the City Park Ice Rink: Upon purchasing entrance ticket, visitors have to inform cashiers to request a rental ticket, too. In this case the rental ticket shall be paid at the cashier. Visitors shall receive the skates by showing the rental ticket and by either paying 5000 HUF deposit or providing their ID card for scanning. These scans shall be deleted after you return the skates.
11.3    Before leaving the City Park Ice Rink all skates shall be returned to the Skate Rent area.
11.4    In case the size of the rented skates is not appropriate, they shall be changed free of charge.
11.5    Visitors shall use skates for the skates’ intended purpose.
11.6    One visitor shall rent more than one pair of skates at the same time. In this case the amount of deposit shall be multiplied by the number of pairs rented.
11.7    Rented skates shall not be taken out from the area of the City Park Ice Rink.
11.8    The amount of paid deposit shall be returned to visitors upon returning the skates free of damages.

12.    Smoking: Smoking is allowed only in the designated areas, for adults.

13.    Denial of access, obligation to leave the City Park Ice Rink: A visitor shall be denied to access the institution – without indemnification or refund of the amount paid for services – or shall be obliged to stop the sport activity and leave the area of the City Park Ice Rink if he/ she:

•    Is under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other narcotic substances,
•    Is unhealthy or suffers from psychiatric disorders or infectious disease,
•    Is carrying out skating instruction unauthorized,
•    Has limited capacity and is without a guardian,
•    Has caused damages to the facility, until the claim is settled,
•    Has committed an unlawful act in the area of the City Park Ice Rink, until the arrival of the authorities.

14.    Forbidden objects:
It is strictly prohibited for the general public to throw / take cigarettes, paper bags, bottles, plastic cups, food, drinks, narcotic substances, cutting or stabbing devices, weapons, objects that look like firearms, explosives, backpacks, packages, balls, pucks, ice hockey sticks or any other dangerous items on the ice.

15.    Taking photos:
15.1    Mobile phones and cameras shall be used during skating at the visitor’s own responsibility.
15.2    Taking photos or making motion pictures for commercial purposes is subject to the conclusion of a special agreement with the Operator.
15.3    Visitors of the City Park Ice Rink accept that the Operator shall publish pictures or motion pictures (including photos of visitors) on its website, social media sites and its promotional materials.

16.    Forbidden activities:
It is forbidden and dangerous to skate in the opposite direction, prevent others from skating, to cause congestions, play chasing games or form a train on the ice. It is forbidden to pursue any activity on the ice surface that is illegal or violates public morale.

17.    Procedure in cases of damages or disorderly conducts:
In case of noncompliance with laws / terms of use / code of conduct, the security colleagues or manager on duty – in order to maintain order – are authorized to take action in all areas of the skating rink and may call the police or other authorities to intervene. Causing damages intentionally and insulting behaviour are subject to liability and are punishable.

18.    Causing accidents and/or damages:
18.1    Only visitors having valid entrance ticket are entitled to insurance coverage concerning accidents occurring in the area of the City Park Ice Rink. The settlement of insurance claims is subject to the issue of an accident report by the physician in charge of first aid.
18.2    The insurance company serving the visitors of the City Park Ice Rink is Generali Biztosító Zrt. The institution shall not take liability for personal injuries and damage to property that arises from failure to comply with the Terms of Use or from irresponsible conduct of the visitor.

19.    Sport instructors:
Only coaches and sport instructors with accredited professional qualification and employed by the Operator shall provide professional sport services, training classes and sessions in the area of the City Park Ice Rink. Our coaches and sport instructors shall be recognized from their uniform, provided by the City Park Ice Rink.

20.    Complaints: We do not accept complaints after leaving the cashier.

21.    Display of advertisements and promotional materials:

Promotional materials or advertisements shall only be displayed and direct or indirect marketing activities shall only be pursued upon prior written agreement with the City Park Ice Rink.

22.    Lost and found
Lost items must always be handed over to one of the security colleagues of the City Park Ice Rink and a report shall be issued thereof. Enquiries about lost items shall be carried out in person at the dispatcher service, during the opening hours. Lost documents shall be forwarded to the Budapest Police Headquarters in the 14th district, 3 working days after they are found. Other lost items shall be retained by the dispatcher service of the ice rink until the end of the winter season and shall be forwarded to the Customer Service of the Budapest Local Municipality of the 14th district on the 3rd day thereafter.

23.    Amendment of the Terms of Use:
The City Park Ice Rink reserves the right to amend the Terms of Use. The Terms of Use applied in the institution is available on the notice boards in the visitor areas of the institution as well as on the websites of the Sport Facility (, (

24.    Children:
Children under the age of 10 shall be accompanied by an adult. It is prohibited to leave babies in prams unattended in the area of the institution.

25.    Security service:
25.1    Security service is provided by Valton Security Ltd (1111 Budapest, Fehérvári út 126-128).
25.2    All areas of the City Park Ice Rink are monitored by a security camera system. Copies of recordings shall be available only to the competent authorities or courts upon request.

In case you have any queries, need assistance or had an accident, kindly refer to one of our hostesses (wearing blue west) and they will happily assist you.
Manager on duty is available during the opening hours.
We wish you a nice time and happy skating hours in the City Park Ice Rink.

Budapest, 05 November, 2016.