Ice rink and boating lake in Városliget (Citypark of Budapest)


THE PURPOSE OF THE HOUSE RULES is to define the basic rules and appropriate conduct of visitors who are staying on the premises belonging to the ice rink of Városliget (hereinafter: Ice Rink) and the lake (so called middle bed; hereinafter Boating Lake) associated with it, operated by “Budapesti Sportszolgáltató Központ Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft.” (hereinafter: Operator).

APPLICATION OF THE HOUSE RULES: Visitors of the Ice Rink and the Boating Lake, guests, tenants and users of its services, as well as participants in its events accept the rules, safety and data of the Ice Rink by entering the area of the Ice Rink and using the Boating Lake. They may to be required to leave the ice rink or the Boating Lake.


When filled with water:

The Boating Lake is an artificial lake with a concrete bed. The water depth can be up to 70 centimeters.

The water of the Boating Lake is unfit for human consumption and bathing.

It is forbidden to swim in the Boating Lake.

The hospitality of Műjégpálya és Csónakázótó is provided by Csónakázótó Kft. (Registered office: 1146 Budapest, Ajtósi Dürer sor 5. 1. em 1.). The lakeside catering unit can be visited during opening hours, except for private events.

The Boating Lake can only be visited during opening hours.

Littering in the Boating Lake is prohibited.


The concrete bed is not a public area, it is not open to the public.

The right to enter the events in the concrete bed is determined by the event organizer.

SUMMER OPENING OF THE BOATING LAKE OR THE LAKE COURSE: During the period outside outdoor events and in good weather conditions, every day from 10:00 in the morning until dark. In case of a private event, the related construction and demolition works, bad weather or the risk of an epidemic, the operator reserves the right to order the keeping of the Boating Lake or the lakeside promenade closed. In the case of an event, guests entitled to enter may attend during the event.

ENTRY FEE FOR THE SERVICES OF THE SPORTS FACILITY AND FOR ITS ORGANIZED EVENTS: the range of current sports services and programs, as well as the ticket prices for current events can be viewed on the Operator's website ( and on the Facebook website:


The Boating Lake, the lakeside promenade, the services and events can be used or visited by everyone at their own risk and risk.

During the summer, the Skating Hall is closed, except for an event that uses some of the rooms and interiors of the Skating Hall.

The Operator is not responsible for the objects left unguarded in the area of ​​the Ice Rink or the Boating Lake, the promenade. The Operator shall not be liable for any damage to or destruction of property brought into the area of ​​the Ice Rink.

The person who is not allowed to enter the sports facility and use its services

- does not comply with the requirements of the epidemiological legislation in force;

- unaccompanied child under 6 years of age,

- has a fever or an infectious disease,

- suffers from an illness with convulsions, loss of consciousness or a conspicuous or pathological disorder,

- is intoxicated or under the influence of an intoxicant.

It is forbidden to jump from the lake shore or the bridge into the lake or the concrete bed or to take a dip in the lake;

SMOKING: Smoking is allowed in designated areas of the Ice Rink for adults. The operator reserves the right to temporarily ban all smoking in the facility due to the risk of an epidemic.

PROHIBITED OBJECTS: It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to bring drugs, percussion, cutting, stabbing tools, weapons, objects that look like weapons, explosives, and other dangerous items into the facility.

PHOTOGRAPHY:Use of mobile phones, cameras, cameras and other technical devices is at your own risk. The operator is not responsible for the property brought into the area of the Városliget Ice Rink and Boating Lake.The area of ​​the Ice Rink and Boating Lake is not public.

In the area of ​​the Ice Rink and Boating Lake, engagement photography, maternity photography, creative and wedding photography, advertising, catalog photography, commercial and business image, video, drone and sound recording, as well as any media (newspaper, magazine, television, youtube channel, etc.) making video, video, drone and sound recordings, publishing the recording is possible only with the payment of a contract concluded with the Operator in advance and the compensation fee established by the Operator.

According to the current legal regulations, persons staying in the area of ​​the Ice Rink and the Boating Lake can be recorded and published only with their consent. In the case of a minor, the legal representative must also authorize the recording and publication. By entering the area of ​​the sports facility, visitors to the Ice Rink and the Boating Lake agree that the Operator may make and publish video and audio recordings on its website, social networking sites, and in the City Park Ice Rink promotion, unless they appear otherwise in writing with the Operator. At the express written request of the data subject, the Operator shall cover the data subject's face.The application for photography / shooting must be submitted in writing to the e-mail address before the photography or shooting. If the application is approved, the Operator sends a price offer and a draft contract to the applicant. The photography or filming can be started only in the possession of the agreement concluded with the Operator and after the payment of the photography fee.

ADVERTISING AND DISSEMINATION OF PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS: Advertising, leaflets and announcements, direct or indirect marketing activities may be placed in the area of the Ice Rink and the Boating Lake only on the basis of a prior written agreement concluded with the Operator.

FOUND ARTICLES: The found item must be handed over to the Dispatcher Service of the Ice Rink with a report. You can inquire about the found objects by e-mail at After the third working day following the discovery, the lost documents were transferred to the XIV. We will hand it over to the District Police Headquarters, the other found objects will be preserved by the Dispatcher Service of the Ice Rink until the end of the summer season. district to the Customer Service of Zugló Municipality

AREA OF OPERATION: It is forbidden to enter the areas closed from visitors or any area of business operation.

MODIFICATION OF THE HOUSE RULES: The Ice Rink reserves the right to modify the House Rules. The House Rules of the Ice Rink openly available to the public on bills in the visitors’ area or on the websites of the Ice Rink (, ).

SECURITY CAMERA SYSTEM: A security camera system is in operation in the area of the Ice Rink. Recordings are retained by the Operator for three days, and then subsequently destroyed. The Operator provides copies of the recordings only to the court or authority

Entry conditions due to the COVID19 epidemiological situation at a musical dance event

 According to a government decree, our music and dance events, ie our Latin Dance event, can only be attended by guests over the age of 18 with a security certificate.

Our guests under the age of 18 can participate in the event without a security certificate, but only with an authorized adult who can prove their protection.

Upon entry, we first ask our guests to present a proof of protection, or 06/2021 on proof of protection against the coronavirus. (II. 12.) of the Government of the Republic of Hungary, or by presenting the protection certificate.

We also ask for an official card suitable for proving the identity indicated on the security card or application.

In the case of non-Hungarian citizens or Hungarian citizens without a Hungarian address, we accept an EU Covid certificate of vaccination or passage.

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept certificates outside the decree, we need to comply with the rules set out in the current government decree.

Budapest, August 09, 2021