Objectives of the Rules: to specify fundamental policies and rules of conduct at the outdoor City Park Ice Rink (hereinafter: City Park Ice Rink), operated by the Sport Service Center of Budapest Nonprofit Ltd(hereinafter: Operator). 

Effect of the Rules: by entering the premises of City Park Ice Rink, visitors of the City Park Ice Rinkand visitors of events held at the City Park Ice Rink, as well as its tenants, agree to these Rules and safety regulations of the City Park Ice Rink, and acknowledge that a violation thereof may result in being asked to leave the premises, even if such an individual holds a valid ticket or pass, or is a tenant, event organizer, or participant. 

Purchasing a ticket:

Visitors at the City Park Ice Rink are required to have a valid ticket or pass for skating (hereinafter jointly: ticket), or be a participant of an official school skating session. A digital ticket with a QR code is also considered a valid ticket, as is a wristband with a unique ID, issued by the Operator in limited numbers for specific events.

Tickets can be purchased on-site at the ticket booths located in the lounge of the Historic Skating Hall, or online at

Tickets purchased for skating at the City Park Ice Rink are exempt from VAT. Please let our ticket cashiers know if you need an invoice for your purchase before payment, otherwise visitors will be given a receipt.  Tickets to the City Park Ice Rink may be purchased only and directly from the Operator. The City Park Ice Rink is an outdoor facility; guest shall inspect the rink from outside the premises by the fence or from the bridge, therefore complaints about the quality of the rink will not be accepted by the Operator after tickets are purchased. Tickets are non-refundable.  

There is no refund and complaint will not be accepted if during your stay the quality of the ice changes or a layer of water appears on the surfice of the ice due to the changed weather conditions like raining or snowing for example.

Tickets provide access to the ice rink, use of the wardrobe or locker, and cover accident insurance. Tickets do not include fees for skate renting or sharpening, or consumption at the catering facilities at the City Park Ice Rink. 

Ice use for tenants and event participants: Tenants of the City Park Ice Rink, as well as event organizers and visitors may only use the skating rink if their contract concluded with the Operator for renting, sports services, or event organization expressly covers the use of the skating rink, and the price of the tickets – on top of the rent or sports service fees – for the given number of guests have been paid, or if tickets have been purchased on-site in accordance with the general rules. General rent fees for the premises do not include the price of tickets.

Winter opening hours, ticket prices: For opening hours, ticket prices, and available discounts for any given season, please see the advertisement boards on display at the City Park Ice Rink, or our website at

Entering and leaving the ice rink:

The ice rink must be used as intended, within the permitted limits of visitor numbers.

The ice rink is available during opening hours; visiting at other times is subject to a separate agreement or being a participant of an official school skating education session. You must leave the ice rink no later than 10 minutes before closing time, during the last song played.

Only short blade skates are allowed in the ice rink. The use of speed skates is only allowed on organized speed skating trainings.Visitors may use the ice rink and services at their own risk and liability.Conducting sporting activities that correspond with the person’s state of health is the sole responsibility of the visitor or athlete.

We strongly recommend using gloves while skating, and a cap and helmet is recommended.

The visitors shall be asked to leave the ice while it is resurfaced. During such times, only the ice resurfacer machines shall enter the ice rink.

Using Skates outside the ice rink: Outside of the ice rink, visitors shall move around in skates on the stairs and walkways covered by rubber bricks without blade protection. Visitors violating this rule shall be held responsible for damages. Damages shall be paid by visitors who destroy the blades of skates rented from the City Park Ice Rink by walking on the decorated pavement or concrete surfaces.

Entry to operational areas: Unauthorized entry to operational areas is forbidden.

Using fenced-off areas of ice:

Fenced-off areas of the ice (e.g., trainings, event areas) are off-limits to the public; City Park Ice Rink reserves the right to hold private events in the entire area or in portions of the City Park Ice Rink.

The large skating rink measuring 12 thousand square meters, or a portion of it, or the separate ice hockey rink is available for private events and trainings under a separate agreement. Fees apply. 

Using the wardrobe and lockers:

Visitors with valid tickets can use the wardrobe free of charge. You can use lockers that open and close with cards, provided there are free ones available. Lockers open and close with a special card that you can get at the ticket booths in the lounge of the Historic Skating Hall. Each card opens one specific locker, and is valid for a single visit.

The Operator only assumes responsibility for general, everyday clothes and for objects of a small value deposited in the wardrobe or in the lockers. The Operator shall not be held liable for visitors not closing their lockers according to the software controlling the lockers, or if the thief is caught on the cameras of the City Park Ice Rink. Liability does not extend to valuables and documents left in the clothes or objects (e.g., bags) deposited in the wardrobe or in the lockers. Any injuries and the value thereof will have to be proved by the injured party. In case the card is lost, lockers can be opened by the on-call executive of the City Park Ice Rink, who has a master card, concurrently with recording the minutes thereof.  

Clothes and bags will be returned at the wardrobe only in exchange for wardrobe tags. In case you have lost your wardrobe tag – and ownership of the object cannot be verified without doubt –, you will need to wait until closing time to receive your property from the wardrobe. When a wardrobe tag is lost, minutes of this fact must be recorded. The Operator shall not be held responsible for damages arising from a visitor losing a wardrobe tag or locker card.

Please empty your locker and leave it in a clean condition before leaving the premises.

Skate Rentals:

Skate rental is available at all times during opening hours at the City Park Ice Rink for sizes between 26 and 50. Rental fee is 2.500 HUF / 1 pair of skates for a single visit

There are two rental rooms at the City Park Ice Rink: the YELLOW and the GREEN rental rooms.  The so-called yellow rental room is directly accessible from outside as well, from the Olof Palme Promenade; the green rental room is accessible only from inside the building. The skates are to be returned to the rental room where they have been rented, and the deposit shall be refunded only there

Rental tickets shall be purchased as follows:

ONLINE: Visitors shall purchase their rental tickets comfortably at our website In this case, payment is completed online. To receive the rented pair of skates you shall show your rental ticket with the QR code – in a digital or printed format – at the rental room and pay 2.000 HUF deposit in cash. 

ON-SITE: Notify our cashiers at the ticket booths when purchasing tickets to the City Park Ice Rink that you wish to rent skates. Apart from the rental ticket, you will be asked to deposit HUF 2,000 in cash at the rental room.

Before you leave the premises, please return the skates to the rental room where your pair of skates had been rented.

If the size of your rented skates shall not fit, you shall ask for a replacement at the rental room free of charge.

Skates provided for renting are for amateur skating; appropriate use is the responsibility of the borrower.

Each guest is entitled to rent more than one pair of skates, with the provision that in such cases the deposit fees add up (e.g., 6.000 HUF in deposit for three pairs of skates);

You shall not take the rental skates out of the premises of the City Park Ice Rink;

Your deposit will be repaid to you at the rental room upon returning the skates in mint condition.

Seal rentals: City Park Ice Rink offers seal-shaped plastic sports devices for rent during regular opening hours to help visitors learn to skate. Rental fee is 500 HUF/ 30 minutes. Follow these instructions to rent:

After paying the rental fee at the seal rental counter at the Ice Rink walkway, you will receive a token. You have to pay 5.000 HUF deposit in cash.   There is an ATM at the Ice Rink.

Use the token to retrieve the seal from the storage facility next to the ice rink.

When your rental time is up, return the seal. This will automatically return your token, which you can take to the seal rental counter. Your deposit will be paid back to you.

In case you overstep the rental time, you will be asked to pay an additional fee (the rental fee for the next half an hour after 15 minutes).

Smoking: Smoking is permitted onldy at the designated smoking areas at the City Park Ice Rink for visitors above 18.   Smoking is strictly forbidden in the building. If the smoke alarm is triggered by the guest and the fire brigade arrives to the scene, the guest shall be charged with the full fire service charges and fees.

Refusing entry, escorting unwanted visitors from the City Park Ice Rink: Entry to the City Park Ice Rink shall be refused, and individuals shall be obligated to cease sporting activities or leave the premises without a refund of their purchased tickets and services, if such a person: 

- is under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or intoxicating substances;

- is in a state of health or mental state that is visibly inadequate or otherwise suffers from a contagious illness;

- unlawfully conducts skating training activities;

- is flying a drone illegally and without the Operator’s prior written consent;

- is of reduced legal capability and is without supervision;

- has caused damages to the sports facility, until such damages are compensated;

- commits an unlawful act within the premises of the City Park Ice Rink, until the competent authorities arrive.

Forbidden objects: It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to carry cigarettes, paper bags, glass, plastic cups, food, drink, intoxicating substances, tools for hitting, cutting or poking, weapons, objects resembling weapons, explosives, plastic bags, backpacks, pocketbooks larger than an A4 document, prams, balls, disks, ice hockey sticks, and other dangerous objects to the ice rink.

Taking photos:

Engagement, maternity, creative and wedding photography sessions, advertising, catalog photography, commercial and business photography, video, drone and/or audio recording, and for any commercial and business media (newspaper, magazine, television, youtube channel, etc.) shall be conducted only upon prior contract with the Operator. Fees apply.
The guest shall use a mobile phone, camera, selfie stick or any other recording device only at the guest’s sole responsibility at the City Park Ice Rink. The Operator is not responsible for any such equipment brought to the City Park Ice rink.
The recordings shall not infringe upon the rights of the Municipality of Budapest, the Operator, or their contractual partners, employees, or visitors of the sports facility.
Taking pictures shall not obstruct or interfere with the operation of the sports facility. It is strictly forbidden to enter the restricted area or use the route of the the ice resurfacing machines, or to obstruct skating or any sport activites.
The visitor acknowledges that, in accordance with the applicable legal regulations, the other visitors and employees of the the City Park Ice Skating rink shall be photographed  and the photos shall be published only with their consent. In the case of minors, the legal representative shall also authorize the recording and publication. Visitors of the City Park Ice by entering to the sports facility  accept that the Operator shall take photos and post them on its website, social media sites, and in the City Park Ice rink promotional publications where they shall appear as visitors. Upon the written request of the data subject, the Operator shall cover (pixelate) the data subject's face.
It is forbidden to use flash at sports events and flash into the eyes of athletes.
The City Park Ice Rink is a private and drone free area. It is forbidden to disturb the visitors and participants of sporting events or risk an accidental situation with drones or other aerial vehicles. Aerial photoshootings shall be taken and such photos shall be published only to prior written agreement with the Operator.
Requests for photography and filming shall be sent directly to The photo shootings and filming shall be conducted only after a written contract is signed with the Operator and the applicable fee has been payed.

Forbidden activities: Skating against the designated direction of traffic or obstructing traffic, gathering in groups, playing catch and run, or lining up for a game is FORBIDDEN and SHALL CAUSE ACCIDENTS. All activities that violate legal regulations or constitute public indecency are forbidden at the ice rink.

Procedures for misconduct and damages: In case of a violation of legal regulations, these Rules, and generally accepted rules of conduct, the skating organizers, the on-call executive or the security service is entitled to act – in accordance with the relevant operational regulations – in the entire area of the premises, and is entitled to request intervention by the police or any other authority. Causing damages and vandalism will incur liability for damages and reporting to the police.  

Accidents and injury:

Accidents at the premises of the City Park Ice Rink are covered by insurance for visitors holding a valid ticket, provided that the accident is recorded by the permanent medical on-call service at the site.  

Skating visitors of the City Park Ice Rink are insured by Generali Biztosító Zrt. Apart from the insurance coverage, the Operator offers no indemnities: each visitor skates or plays ice hockey at their own risk and uses the ice at their own risk. The insurance company shall be exempt from providing services if it is proved that the accident has been caused by the visitor by violating legal regulations, safety regulations and warnings, or these Rules, or if the accident was caused by the visitor’s unlawful or intentional conduct or his material negligence and violation of the law. 

Sports educators: Professional sports activities, trainings and sports education may only be conducted by adequately qualified trainers and coaches who have a contract with the Operator for such activities at the officially announced hours at the City Park Ice Rink. Trainers and coaches eligible for holding skating classes shall work in their official sports gear at the City Park Ice Rink.

Complaints: All sales are final. No complaints are accepted after payment.

Distribution of advertisements and flyers: Displaying advertisements and flyers, or conducting direct or indirect marketing activities at the City Park Ice Rink is subject to a prior written agreement.

Lost and found:Found objects shall be handed over to the security personnel of the City Park Ice Rink concurrently with recording the minutes of handover. If you have lost an object, please inquire personally during opening hours at the dispatcher service. Lost documents will be handed over to the Budapest 14th District Police Headquarters on the third working day after they have been found. Other lost objects will be kept at the dispatcher service of the City Park Ice Rink until the winter season closes, after which on the 3rd day they will be forwarded to the Budapest 14th District Local Council Customer Service Department.    

FUNDRAISING, RECRUITMENT: Fundraising for any organization or person, recruitment of persons, sponsors for any purpose, is only possible with a prior written agreement of the Operator.

DOGS: During the skating season, only accredited assistance dogs are allowed to enter the facility.

Amendment to the Rules: City Park Ice Rink reserves the right to amend these Rules. Rules of the City Park Ice Rink are publicly available and can be viewed freely at the display board in the visitor’s area, and at the websites of the City Park Ice Rink (,  

Small children: Children under the age of 14 years may only enter the ice rink and the premises of the City Park Ice Rink with adult supervision. Do not leave children unattended in prams within the premises. 

ROLLER: It is prohibited to bring an electric rollers shall to the City Park Ice Rink.

DATA PROTECTION: The Operator shall act in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 and national legislation in order to protect personal data. The Operator does not collect or process personal data about visitors or athletes outside the legal basis of the legal obligation (eg billing). The Operator shall do its best to protect the privacy of its guests. Our privacy policy shall be found on the City Park's Ice Skating rink website ( under "Data management"

Security services:

Security services at the City Park Ice Rink are provided by Valton Security Kft. (registered seat: HU-1111 Budapest, Fehérvári út 126-128.) 

Surveillance cameras are operating at the City Park Ice Rink. Copies of recordings will only be handed over to courts or official authorities by the Operator. 

If you have any questions about skating, need help, or have suffered an accident, please do not hesitate to contact the official hostesses of the City Park Ice Rink, wearing a blue vest. They will be happy to help you.

We provide continuous on-call executive supervision during opening hours.

We wish you a pleasant time and delightful skating at the City Park Ice Rink!

Budapest, on 1 November 2019.