Ice rink and boating lake in Városliget (City Park Icerink of Budapest)




  1. THE PURPOSE OF THE HOUSE RULES is to define the basic rules and appropriate conduct of visitors who are staying on the premises belonging to the ice rink of Citypark Ice Rink (hereinafter: Ice Rink) and the lake (so called middle bed; hereinafter Boating Lake) associated with it, operated by the Sports Services Center of Budapest Ltd. (“Budapesti Sportszolgáltató Központ Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft.”, - hereinafter: Operator).
  2. APPLICATION OF THE HOUSE RULES: Visitors, guests, tenants and users of services of the Ice Rink and the Boating Lake accept the House Rules and the Safety and Data Protection Regulations of the Ice Rink by entering the premises and take notice that they, in case of violation of the above, may be obliged to leave the area of the Ice Rink and Boating Lake.

3.1 The Boating Lake is an artificial construct with a bed made of concrete. The average depth is 50-70 centimetres.

3.2. The water of the Boating Lake is unsuitable for human consumption.

3.3. It is prohibited to swim in the Boating Lake.

3.4. The removal of algea and the cleaning of the Boating Lake fall under the responsibility of Aranyponty Zrt. (registerd at: 2440 Százhalombatta, Arany János utca 7. fsz 1.).

3.5. During the summer season of 2018 the rental of boats and water bikes is managed by Bognár és Társai Atlantic Trade Ipari, Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft. (registered at: 2030 Érd, Esztergályos utca 39. sz.).

3.6. The facility management and catering services of the Ice Rink and Boating Lake are provided by Csónakázótó Kft. (registered at: 1146 Budapest, Ajtósi Dürer sor 5. 1. em 1.). The lakeside concession stands may be visited during opening hours, unless a private event is taking place.

3.6. The Boating Lake may only be visited during opening hours.

3.7. Littering in the Boating Lake is prohibited.

4. THE OPENING HOURS OF THE BOATING LAKE IN THE SUMMER SEASON is between 10:00 and 21:00 (dusk). In case of bad weather conditions the Operator reserves the right to order the shut-down of the Boating Lake.


5.1. Visitors may use the Boating Lake, lakeside and services at their own risk and liability. 

5.2. Boats and water bikes may be used against a rental fee. The rental fee may only be paid at the pavilion of the boating deck on site, during opening hours.

5.3. The boat rental company (3.5.) has a limited number of life vests available on site. The life vests must be requested by the persons renting the boat / water bike on the boating deck if they wish to make use of them. It is the responsibility of the visitor to decide whether he/she goes out on the lake with or without a life vest.

5.4. Boats and water bikes should only be used according to their intended purpose. The party causing damage is obliged to reimburse the damages caused to boats, water bikes, life vests and the Ice Rink.

5.5. During the summer season, the skating hall is closed, and we do not provide cloakroom and safe deposits for boating / water biking guests. The Operator shall not be liable for any items left unattended in the area of the Ice Rink or Boating Lake.

5.6. The services of the Boating Lake may not be used by persons who

- have fever or suffer from a contagious disease,

- suffer from a condition that can render convulsions or unconsciousness, or have a prominent or pathological deformity,

- are under the influence of alcohol or any intoxicating drug.

5.7. Furthermore, it is forbidden:

- to jump in the lake from the lakeside or from the bridge.

- to eat, smoke, drink alcoholic beverages, take drugs and play with fragile items while boating or water biking,

- to fish in the lake, or to feed the ducks;

- to let a dog go without a leash, or allow it to go into the water.


  1. SMOKING: Smoking is allowed for adults in the designated area of the Ice Rink. 
  2. PROHIBITED OBJECTS: to bring narcotics, clubs, cutters, pointed objects, weapons, weapon-like objects, explosives, and other hazardous objects into the facility is STRICKTLY PROHIBITED.
    1. The use of mobile phones, video recorders or cameras is subject to your own risk during boating.
    2. It is prohibited to make and publish any images of people staying in the Ice Rink and Boating Lake without their explicit consent.
    3. Photography or video recording for commercial or business purposes or photo or film production for any kind of media and the use of such recording on the Citypark Ice Rink is possible only within the framework of a separate contract concluded with the Operator.
    4. The area of the Ice Rink and Boating Lake is a drone-free zone. It is only possible to make recordings by drone exceptionally, within the framework of a prior agreement with the Operator.  
  4. Visitors of the Ice Rink and Boating Lake accept that the Operator may take photos, make video and sound recordings, where visitors may appear, and publish those on its website, social sites, and in promotional materials of the Citypark Ice Rink.The Operator deletes the image at the written request of the person concerned.
  5. ADVERTISING AND DISSEMINATION OF PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS In the area of the Ice Rink and Boating Lake, the placement of advertising materials, leaflets and promotional items or any kind of direct or indirect marketing activity is only allowed on the basis of a prior written agreement with the Operator.
  6. FOUND ARTICLES: Objects found should be handed in at the dispatcher service of the Ice Rink where a report shall be recorded. Inquiries regarding lost personal items can be made at the dispatch service during opening hours. Three working days after their submission, documents will be forwarded to the Police Precinct of District XIV. of Budapest. Other items found will be retained by the dispatch service of the Ice Rink until the closing of the summer season, three days after which they will be forwarded to the Customer Service Department of the Local Government of Zugló, the District XIV. of Budapest (Budapest Főváros XIV. kerület Zugló Önkormányzat Ügyfélszolgálat).
  7. AREA OF OPERATION: It is forbidden to enter the areas closed from visitors or any area of business operation.
  8. MODIFICATION OF THE HOUSE RULES: The Ice Rink reserves the right to modify the House Rules. The House Rules of the Ice Rink openly available to the public on bills in the visitors’ area or on the websites of the Ice Rink (, ).
  9. SECURITY CAMERA SYSTEM: A security camera system is in operation in the area of the Ice Rink. Recordings are retained by the Operator for three days, and then subsequently destroyed. The Operator provides copies of the recordings only to the court or authority.


Budapest, June 12, 2018