Our services

Our services

Skate sharpening

There are 2 skate sharpening workshops in the area of the sports facility that are available to our visitors during the opening hours. The price of skate sharpening is HUF 1,500.- per pair. The skate sharpening service is provided by highly qualified professionals.

Skate rentals

During opening hours of the City Park Ice Rink it is possible to rent skates from size 26 to size  50. Rental fee is 1500 HUF / skates.

Rental tickets can be purchased in 2 ways:

A, ONLINE: By visiting website you can buy your rental ticket prior to visiting the ice rink. In this case payment will be online as well. Visitors will receive the skates by brining and showing the Rental ticket with its QR code either in digital or printed form.
B, At the City Park Ice Rink: Upon purchasing entrance ticket, visitors have to inform cashiers to request the Rental ticket. In this case payment will be done at the cashier. Visitors will receive the skates by showing the Rental ticket and by either paying 5000 HUF deposit or providing their ID card to be copied. These copies will be annihilated upon returning the skates.

Other information

Kindly try on the rented skates before leaving the skate rental area. In case the size is not appropriate, it can be changed free of charge.

Rented skates must be used for amateur skating and for their intented purpose.

One visitor can rent more than one pair of skates at the same time. In this case the amount of deposit will be multiplied by the number of pairs rented. (For example in case of renting 3 pairs, the deposit will be 15 000 HUF)

Before leaving the City Park Ice Rink all skates must be returned to the Skate Rent area. Rented skates must not be taken out from the area of the City Park Ice Rink.

The amount of paid deposit will be returned to visitors upon returning the skates free of damages.

Skate rental fees do not include the entry tickets. In case of busy periods and weekends, the skate rental area might become crowded, you are kindly requested to queue in this case.

Rental agreement

Upon renting skates in the City Park Ice Rink, the visitor automatically accepts the Rental Agreement.

The lender guarantees that the skates are suitable for amateur sport activities. The lender does not assume any reponsibility for the damages resulting from improper use of skates (for any unintented purpose) or for noncompliance with the house rules of the City Park Ice Rink.

The borrower (visitor) is responsible for paying the damages resulting from improper use of skates.

Upon skate rental you have the option of:
•    Paying a deposit of 5000 HUF / pair of skates
•    Or you will be requested to provide your personal details and your ID card, which will be photocopied. These photocopies will be annihilated upon returning the skates. Visitors can rent more than one pair of skates at the same time, in this case the borrower (visitor) assumes liability for all the rented skates and will be required to pay the deposit for each pair separately. The lender guarantees to keep all personal details/ document numbers confidential from third parties.

Medical Service

During the opening hours Oxyteam Kft. provides non-stop medical services at the sports facility. In the event of any injury, please consult the physician on duty, because the settlement of insurance claims is subject to the issue of an accident report.


Every visitor holding a valid ticket is entitled to accident insurance, which is included in the price of the ticket. Accident insurance is provided to the skaters by Generali Biztosító Zrt.
Download the document here.