• The opening date is postponed

    According to the announcement of Hungary’s Prime Minister, on 09. november 2020., we have postponed the opening date of City Park Ice Rink indefinitely. As soon as the epidemiological situation and the regulations allow, we could provide more information about the expected opening date.   Till then, we ask everybody to follow the epidemiological requirements (vagy regulations), becacuse it is our common interest to be able to relieve the rules in 30 days.
  • We have started the preparations for the 2020/2021 skating season

    The City Park Boating Lake is closed. We have cleaned the lake bed, and started the preparations for the 2020/2021 skating season. We are waiting for the fans of artificial ice!
  • The City Park Ice Rink is 150 years old

    The City Park Ice Rink began to receive the first masses of skaters on 29 January 1870, when it was ceremonially inaugurated by Crown-Prince Rudolph.

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